Modern, fashionable, following current trends, Princess is baby pram in 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 option. This pram is manufactured in Poland using high quality materials and the lightweight aluminum frame in modern color adds elegance. Pram easily folds to small sizes. The carrycot, stroller and car seat can be mounted forwards or backwards.


Darex - Princess
  • Modern elements give elegance and exclusivity.
  • Large, comfortable, ventilated carrycot for babies from birth to around 6 months of age.
  • Possibility to carry the carrycot (gondola) by the handle.
  • Point system for connecting / unhooking the carrycot (gondola).
  • Window with mosquito net.
  • The height of the backrest of the nacelle is adjustable.
  • The lining of the interior of the nacelle with the possibility of detaching.
  • Mattress.
  • Foot cover for the baby’s feet.

Stroller (Sport seat)

Darex - Princess
  • Comfortable sport seat with a soft insert for small babies.
  • Possibility to adjust the booth level.
  • The height of the seat back can be adjusted.
  • Five-point seat belts with soft shoulder shields and a crotch strap.
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • Removable barrier with a belt to prevent the child from slipping.
  • A foot cover for the baby’s feet.

Car seat

Darex - Princess
  • A modern car seat for newborns and children up to 13 kg.
  • Can be mounted on the frame.
  • Sun protection booth.
  • The ability to transport the seat with a convenient handle.
  • Soft insert for babies.
  • Seat belts with soft shoulder pads and a crotch strap

Frame of the pram

Darex - Princess
  • Aluminum, lightweight frame of the baby pram in modern colours.
  • It consists of small sizes.
  • Modern wheels with elegant elements.
  • Large modern bag.
  • A modern shopping cart.
  • Good shock absorption.
  • Central brake with lock option.
  • 360° swivel lockable front wheels.
  • Adjustable height of the leather handle.

The 3 in 1 set

  • Frame in modern colours with modern wheels
  • A stroller seat (sport seat)
  • Carrycot (gondola)
  • Car seat
  • Foot cover for stroller (sport seat)
  • Foot cover for the carrycot (gondola)
  • Modern bag
  • Mosquito
  • Raincover

Get the Princess pram
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  • Inside height of the gondola: 23 cm.
  • Inside width of the gondola: 35 cm.
  • Inside lenght of the gondola: 78 cm.
  • Mattress dimensions: 76 cm x 34 cm.
  • Height to the bottom of the gondola from the ground: 55 cm.
  • Gondola weight: about 4 kg.
  • Weight of the gondola with a frame: about 12.5 kg.

Stroller (Sport seat)

  • Backrest height: 50 cm.
  • Seat width: 34 cm.
  • Seat length: 25 cm.
  • Footrest length: 23 cm.
  • Weight of stroller: about 4.5 kg.
  • Weight of stroller with frame: 13 kg.

Frame of the pram

  • Unfolded with wheels: 95x60x110 cm.
  • Folded without wheels: 75x58x34 cm.
  • Folded with wheels: 84x60x34 cm.
  • Weight: about 8.5 kg.